Wedding Services

- Officiant License Services start as low as $150.00
- Minister Wedding Packages start at $250.00 , call or email today to discuss packaging.
- Other services are tailored specific to service rendered, please contact for exact pricing.

Wedding Celebrant/Officiant Service
- Includes a meeting to discuss services either in person/phone/Skype/email or whatever is preferred
- Vows and service given to you ahead of time and written special for your relationship.
- Performing of vows on wedding day
- Mailing of official documents for Marriage License
- Myself, ministering your wedding on the specified wedding day, time and location
- Ceremony written especially for your service and relationship as well as specific religious needs.

Everyone is welcome whether you choose a faith based, culturally based or civil ceremony. Your ceremony and vows are limited only by your imagination. Make a ceremony uniquely yours by adding some of your heritage into it. Let your vows tell your love story. Try keeping some of your family faith in it by adding bits that are important to you and your spouse to be. If it is more your taste to keep it to love only have your ceremony performed to let your vows tell your unique love story.

Some of the services that we offer, though not limited to are, Humanist, Interfaith, LGBTQ, Combined Families, Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, atheist, agnostic, nondenominational, universal, and multicultural marriage ceremonies.
Each ceremony is written and performed to suit your individual tastes as a couple. You make the rest of the wedding uniquely yours, why not the ceremony?

Types of Ceremonies 

Traditional Religious Ceremony
A traditional religious ceremony is taken from a specific faith. We use a lot
of the religious elements, traditions and rituals that are practiced by that

Spiritual Non-Denominational Ceremony 
This is a modern and very personal ceremony that is created by its
participants. It can have many different elements incorporated into it
inspirational music, poetry, readings and it is a very intimate ceremony. This
ceremony really celebrates the couple's love for each other and incorporates
into each individual element in the ceremony. 

Interfaith Ceremony 
The Interfaith Ceremony is similar to the Traditional Religious ceremony
except it is two different faiths incorporated into one ceremony. This
ceremony uniquely blends the rituals and elements of each religion so they
make a beautiful union like the couple. 

Civil/Secular Non-Religious 
This ceremony has no religious texts or scriptures. The couple can request the
standard vows or create their own unique vows. 

Culturally Specific Ceremony 
The culturally specific ceremony is a blend of a traditional or civil ceremony
but incorporates elements, traditions and rituals that are usually performed
within that culture. You can mix more then one culture.  These ceremonies
are great ways to celebrate your love and your culture together.
If you are not sure about some culture traditions, just ask! I would be
happy to help you with it.
Additions to Ceremonies  ($50.00 each or unlimited included in Deluxe package)
Unity Candle Ceremony
Sunrise Ceremony
Sands of Time Ceremony
Blessing of the Rings
Breaking of the Glass
Children Services
Rose Ceremony
Hand Ceremony
Honoring of the Mothers
Jumping the Broom
Silent Blessing/Moment of Remembrance
Flower Ceremony
Hand fasting
Wine Ceremony
Renewal of Water Ceremony
Breaking of the Bread

If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact
me. I would be happy to find something that is unique to the two of

Vow Renewal 
This is very similar to the Wedding Celebrant/Officiant Service. Please read above as I can make your vow renewal as special as the love you have shared for so many years.

Baby Naming/Blessing Ceremony
Many people today want to have their children blessed and uniquely defined and brought into this world. Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies are a great way to gather friends and family at a house, park or favorite spot to bless your child in a unique way and introduce them to the world and make sure they are forever surrounded by love. Each Baby Naming and Blessing ceremony is unique to each particular family. Make your ceremony as special as the new bundle of joy you are sharing with the world!

Building/Business/Ship Blessing 
Starting a new business? Launching a new ship? Nothing brings in good business and smooth sailing like a beautiful blessing designed with your particular need in mind. A great way to kick off any new venture in life!

House Blessing/Cleansing
Fill your new home with love by having a house blessing and/or cleansing. Be sure there is nothing but wonderful energy and love in the place you call home by having it blessed and being sure you are starting off on a positive note.